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Savings Program Calculator

The following information is designed to help you evaluate the financial aspects of planning for college costs. This calculator assumes the student will start college at the age of 18 and a 6.5% average annual inflation rate for fixed college costs (tuition, fees, room, and board) for four-year institutions. College costs cited below are for the academic year 2014-2015. Please follow the instructions below.
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete A and B below and press Calculate Now.
A.  Select the school type and the number of years of attendance:
Years of Attendance   2 4 5   2 4 5
Public 2-year (in-state) $3,264*     $4,112*    
Public 4-year (in-state) $18,391   $24,316  
Private 4-year $40,917   $62,608  
*Cost figures reflect only tuition and fees.
**National averages are for 2013-2014.
B.  Student's birth date:     (Example: Enter May 07, 1998 as 05-07-1998)
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Estimated College Cost: 
You probably have an amount in mind that you can afford to contribute on a monthly basis to build an account. Enter that monthly contribution amount below.
> Choose a Monthly Contribution Amount: $
In addition to monthly contributions, you may choose to jump-start your account with a lump-sum contribution, or perhaps you would like to fund your account with the lump-sum contribution only.
> Choose a Lump-Sum Contribution Amount: $
> Choose an Estimated Annual Rate of Return
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Estimated College Cost: 
Future Value of Account: