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Vanguard Funds

An Account Owner may select a START Saving Program investment option that offers Variable Earnings. Each of these investment options invests its assets in one or more mutual funds managed by The Vanguard Group. The particular Vanguard fund or funds in which an investment option invests are selected by the Louisiana State Treasurer and may change over time. As an Account Owner, you will own an interest in securities issued by the START Saving Program, but you will not own shares of the underlying Vanguard funds.
1.   To learn more about the Vanguard funds in which the START Saving Program invests, go to and select the link for Personal Investors.
2.   Click on the Research Funds and Stocks tab.
3.   Enter one of the following fund names or symbols in the "Search Vanguard Funds ... " entry field:
LifeStrategy Moderate Growth Fund VSMGX
LifeStrategy Conservative Growth Fund VSCGX
LifeStrategy Income Fund VASIX
LifeStrategy Growth Fund VASGX
Total World Stock Index Fund, Investor Shares VTWSX
Institutional Total Stock Market Institutional Plus VITPX
Total International Stock Index Fund, Institutional Shares VTSNX
Small-Cap Index Fund, Admiral Shares VSMAX
Mid-Cap Index Fund, Admiral Shares VIMAX
Large-Cap Index Fund, Admiral Shares VLCAX